{What the hell are you talking} ABOUT

I’m a virgin…a blog virgin, that is. This is my first blog and I will be chronicling our adventure in Alaska for the next two years. This blog will encompass a variety of subjects, so don’t be alarmed if one day you read about some artsy fartsy thing I just whipped up, a tasty dish I discovered while exploring my domestic roots, or an extensive (in detail) description of a pile of bear shit I just discovered in my yard. (With a photo to document, of course.) Note: There a lot of bears on Baranof Island and I’m sure there will be a blog post (and then some) about said genus Ursus carnivore.

To the ones that decide to read my blog, “Welcome.” I encourage posts and feedback along this journey and I look forward to sharing my words with you.

“Do not dwell on the past. Do not live for the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Namaste, Bitches.



  • I have no filter and tend to swear…more than a normal person should. So if you’re offended by foul language, then this is not the blog for you. I suggest a blog about sparkles, candy, rainbows and other shit to satisfy your conservative nature. I apologize if this is not acceptable, but I will not be editing content to help you sleep at night. Find a different blog to read.
  • Do not let the title of this blog mislead you. This isn’t in ANY way a religious blog. There is nothing holy about it and does not have any relation to the “holy spirit” or any other religious mumbo jumbo.


8 thoughts on “{What the hell are you talking} ABOUT

  1. Mom says:

    I’m going to love this… with, of course, exception to all the swearing. And yes, there will be much shaking of my head throughout. Anxiously awaiting chapter 1 of the new adventure!

  2. amy b.s. says:

    I effing love this already.

  3. katie says:

    Can’t to hear of your new adventures! It looks so beautiful!

  4. katie says:

    Wait, it was can’t wait to hear of your new adventures! haha!

  5. Karalee says:

    Ali you are fucking hilarious! Im working night shift right now and discovered this on facebook, laughing so hard! This really could be made into a movie! Ive decided im going to live vicariously thru you since im just a boring nurse in boring Billings MT! Cant wait to keep reading!

  6. Colleen Febach says:

    I ditto your nurse friend in Billings, I can relate to her! I worked nights for years and I laughed to tears reading this. You are a funny girl! (your mom will get over it!)

  7. Amy says:

    You honestly make my day. Each post I laugh as I read the things that I try not to say out loud (to appear to be more ladylike or some shit), but are definitely on my mind. Miss you!

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