Maybe, baby.

Since we’ve moved up to the Last Frontier, the thought of babies has always been on the back of our minds. Do we? Don’t we? Should we wait? Should we go ahead and start? Everyone keeps saying we should since there isn’t anything else to do up here. Valid point, people. Touche. We both want kids…at some point. We ARE going to be here for two years. I’m currently unemployed. Why not? I begin to accept the notions of reproducing and then reality sets in…We still want to travel, we’re not completely ready yet, we want to get our savings in a better place, and for me personally, I want to be in PRIME shape before I get pregnant. In the last few months of being here, I haven’t been as active as I was prior to moving up here. Before, I worked 40 hours a week and did Pure Barre 5 times a week. Physically, I was in the best shape since high school sports. Now, I’m not working and I’m not working out as much. Less activity = bigger momma. I currently weigh more than I EVER have in my life. I’ve put on (almost) 10 lbs. Granted, I always gain weight in the winter because let’s face it, the weather sucks and comfort food is, well, freaking delicious.

We’re beginning to be surrounded by babies. My brother, sister-in-law, and their new baby moved up here last week. Holy goddamn cute. She is such a sweet baby. Being around her starts making C-money and I think differently about waiting. Also, some of our best friends are also pregnant or are just having babies. This past Easter, a group of us were sitting around talking about pregnancy. My sister-in-law and a friend were talking about their pregnancies. My sister-in-law had the epitome of easy pregnancies. She felt great, looked great, and had an “easy” ALL NATURAL delivery & recovery. I started thinking about what I would be like when pregnant…of course, true to form, I began to imagine the worst pregnancy ever: I would be sicker than a dog, puking for 9 months straight of course, have horrible constipation and be backed up like the Hoover Dam, have heart burn that would radiate my kneecaps (yes, that was a “Juno” reference), have varicose veins so bad it would look like someone took a blue sharpie to my legs and played connect the dots, have hemorrhoids where it looked like I sat on a plate of hamburger meat, have cankles the size of tree trunks, all while resembling Shamu. Eeeeesh, I began to move my readiness higher on the scale. (By the way, we have a scale of 1 to 10 depicting where we are in our readiness for children. 1 is ready, while 10 is not ready.) When we moved here, I was about a 5 of 6, which is REALLY good because for a long time I was a 13.

Back in February, I refilled my birth control prescription online for it to be sent to me. I order 3 at a time and have it sent to me so I don’t have to worry about it. Well, it never showed up. Thankfully, I had a spare pack and was able to re-order and get it here in time. C-money and I had JUST started to consider the notion of possibly pulling the goalie and let nature take it’s course once I ran out of birth control (which would be around June/July). Just a few days ago, guess what shows up in the mail?? My lost prescription. It was a sign. So we now have an arsenal of birth control and we will not be having babies…for a while at least. Sorry, Mom.

So there you have your answer, folks. We are NOT having babies in the near future….You’ll just have to wait to see what happens!


2 thoughts on “Maybe, baby.

  1. judy says:

    But,But,But… DidYouKnowBirthControlPillsWillKeep? JustThinkPositive… AndItWillBeWhatYouMakeOfIt (Pregnancy, ThatIts) WhyTheHellDoesThisLookLikeThis??? See,I’mAllShookUpNow.

  2. Amy says:

    Having babies also makes you grow hair in mass quantities where you don’t want it, and lose hair where you don’t want to lose it. However, they are adorable and so worth it… and you two should definitely contribute to the gene pool!! Ever seen the movie Idiocracy? Yes, it’s becoming a reality!! Help us, please! Your fur babies need someone to snuggle with too!

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