50 Shades of Grey.


Illustration courtesy of Google Images.

Don’t let the title of this blog post fool you. I am not going to write about bondage, sexual domination, or multiple orgasms. I have not read the E.L. James book, but should I? I’m always open for new book recommendations, so I welcome them. (Just don’t recommend any Harry Potter or Twilight shit. Not interested.)

Quite the tangent from what I was intending on writing about. ANYWAY…..

It’s pretty depressing when you look at the 10-day forecast and all 10 days have little grey clouds, no sun. Some have chances of rain or snow, and some are just sad little grey clouds. *sigh* I’m getting pretty sick of the cold, rainy, gloomy days. Can’t a girl get some sun around here?! A couple days ago, we got a few inches of snow. Halle-frickin-laujiah. It felt like home. I thought I’d appreciate the change in weather and enjoy the rain, but I was completely delusional. I miss the snow.

Life has been pretty uneventful. I’ve taken up a new activity during said rainy days….sewing. (Getting back to my Asian roots.) I started yesterday by mending some clothes that have been in the “to mend” pile for 2+ years. No joke. I also fixed some of Fin & El’s dog toys that have been sitting in the surgical ward for a LONG time. They’re now happy as their toy baskets are overflowing with nostalgia and dried dog slobber.

Ah, the riveting life of a fucking housewife. It was that moment where I was sitting on the couch, fixing dog toys, where I was sewing what would be the butthole of a stuffed zebra, that I realized my low point. I need to find a job…


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