Whale of a time.

whale spray

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

(Until we receive our belongings from the oh-so-awesome Douchebags of the Sea, I will not be able to post MY OWN photos. Why, you ask? My camera battery is nearly dead; my camera charger and computer cable are on the barge. So, from now until then, you will see photos from Google Images.)

First Day in Sitka

Good morning, Sitka. Since I’m still on Montana time, I’m wide awake at 5:30am (7:30am MST). Hmmm, what is a girl to do in an empty house? My husband has already left for work and I’m vehicle-less. I don’t really have anything to unpack, so I straighten and organize the few things we do have. I make the “bed” — which entails filling up the air mattress, straightening our sleeping bags, folding the extra blankets, and fluffing the pillows. Next? I organize my “dresser” — which consists of refolding and organizing my clothes in my trusty suitcase. Thankfully we have a washer and dryer at the new house, so I was able to do some light loads of laundry.

Ah, the awesome life of a housewife. Yuck. I need to find a job. STAT.

My  husband came home to pick me up for lunch since we had ZERO groceries in our house. We went to a local eatery in town to experience the local fare. It was this particular moment of sitting in a cold restaurant, feeling sorry for myself that it set in. We did it. We moved. Holy. Shit. I started to experience the following: 1. Pissed Off 2. Depressed 3. Stressed 4. Anxiety


We finished lunch and headed to drop off my husband at work. The drive was absolutely breath-taking. The emotions I was feeling earlier started to disappear. Wow. It is stunningly beautiful here. The further we drove, the better I felt.

By the time I dropped him off, I ventured down the road and found a place to stop and enjoy the view. He had told me earlier that one of his co-workers spotted some whales in the cove near their work, so I decided to sit and watch to see if I would get lucky. I sat there for about 20 minutes and decided to head home. It was that moment that I started pulling away down the highway and I could see movement in the water. About 1/4 a mile out from the coast, I could see movement in the water followed by a geyser-like spray out of the water. It probably sprayed 20 feet in the air. HO-LY SHIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!! WHALES!!!!! I was already driving and wasn’t able to turn around. As soon as I found a spot to flip the truck around, I sped back to watch them. At a screeching halt, I looked across the cove….gone. Son of a butthole. They had already left the cove. Nonetheless, it was an awesome experience! I felt a sense of excitement and euphoria. Pure magic. I’ve always dreamed of witnessing this majestic creature, and sure as shit, I did.  I’m sure the locals here with whales are like us back at home with deer and elk. No big deal.

I ventured into town and headed to the grocery store….

I may have found myself a new hobby. Extreme couponing. I may have to so we can afford groceries. Holy balls. $18.49 for an economy pack of GRANOLA BARS? Are you kidding me?!?! They’re not even organic! I will no longer be able to buy organic milk, eggs, and produce.  1/2 gallon of organic milk is $7+; organic eggs are $6.99 (+5% tax). From now on, we’re going to be purchasing only Western Family and planning meals based around what is on sale. Yikes.

After my pathetic run to the grocery store, I came home with the following: bread, cheese, couscous, butter, orange juice, some produce (lemons, broccoli, cabbage, apples, bananas, lettuce, onions, tomatoes), frozen corn, frozen peas, oatmeal, mac & cheese (1 box), soup (3 cans), granola bars, tortilla chips, diet coke (6 pack), ramen noodles, milk, and yogurt. Wanna guess how much?


Now, the icing on the cake? Trying to cook dinner with the following:

1 frying pan, 1 small saucepan, 4 plastic plates, 4 plastic cups, utensils, a wooden spoon, rubber spatula, metal tongs, can opener, bottle opener, small knife, and 3 disposable aluminum pie plates, and salt & pepper (we refused to buy spices up here since they’re expensive and we were going to have our things here the following week—or so we thought).

Oh, and the kicker? No microwave.

Thankfully, my husband still had some chicken breasts and an economy size package of bacon from Costco when he moved here in November. We were both dying for a home-cooked meal since the week prior to moving, we were packing the house, so we ate out a lot.

Dinner #1:

Chicken breasts w/ a cream of mushroom sauce, couscous, and steamed broccoli. Chicken in the frying pan, couscous in the small saucepan, and broccoli in the aluminum pie plate. Nailed it.

It’s amazing what you can get done with just the basics.


One thought on “Whale of a time.

  1. judy says:

    Good for you. As they say, “necessity is the MOTHER of invention”. Oh wait! There’s an idea to fill your time…! Love you Toots!

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