It’s about damn time.

impatient kid

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Drumroll, please…….TA DAAAAAAA!!! Finally a new blog post!!

Now hang on, I’ve been known to be a procrastinator, but I honestly had no way of blogging. We’ve been here a week and JUST got our internet set up yesterday. You may be wondering, “What has she been doing all week?” Good effing question. Stay tuned and you will find out!


{Departure – 01.01.13: Leaving the Treasure State}

We were both moving a little slow that morning due to the early wakeup call and kamikaze shots the night before. (More my husband than me…he may have had a few too many shots, while i just hate mornings.) If you ask me, it was a pretty awesome way to end 2012. We spent it with great friends accompanied by awesome food, drinks, and games. What night wouldn’t be complete with pina coladas and a game of balloon dodgeball with kids? Throw in some Wii bowling and kamikaze shots and you’ve got yourself a good time.

The morning after (geez, I sound like I’m in college again…) we packed the remainder of our already empty house into the car and hit the road. It wasn’t until we started on I90 headed west that it suddenly hit me. Holy. Shit. We’re moving…for TWO years. Here we go, cue the waterworks.

Once I managed to gain composure and wipe the tears and snot off my face, we continued our journey westward.

{In Transit – 01.01.13: Driving Through Washington}

I don’t really know how we managed to stop at 2 of the creepiest places to get food and potty the dogs.

#1: George, WA (Seriously, there is a town called George, Washington) — We should’ve known better about stopping at a truck stop/Subway to grab a bite, potty the dogs, and stretch our legs. While we’re eating our dry subs in the car, my husband says, “I think there is a drug deal about to happen next to us…” Comforting. We inhaled our food and got the flock out of there.

#2: North Bend, WA — At this point, it is dark and the wind is blowing harder than Monica Lewinsky. We stop at some creepy parking lot on the back side of a hotel, where every 3 seconds you’re looking over your shoulder for someone to come at you with a hatchet. (We’re so good at picking ideal spots to stop.) We feed and potty the dogs and start loading up to hit the road when….

“What’s goooing on over heeeere?!”

I look over my right shoulder and this short, elderly woman(?) is gliding towards us. She(?) couldn’t have possibly walked any creepier.

“We’re just pottying our dogs…”

“Make suuuure they’re on a leeeeash.” (Thinking in the back of my mind, “Yes, ma’am…errr sir….errrr Froto.)

We loaded up and continued west…..Thank you, sweet baby jesus….Seattle.


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