Good dog.



Our beautiful girls.

(Photo taken by yours truly.)

Since we don’t have children, I will be telling mom stories about my dogs. Get used to it. Today was pretty damn special. I had to run into a store to get a gift and forgot that I left a half eaten granola bar in the front seat. 3 years ago, that would’ve been devoured faster than a cat could lick its ass. Today, I was a proud momma. I came back and neither of the pups ate it. SO proud. I’m assuming Finley learned her lesson the last time she ate 2 giant muffins, a tea bag, a 5 lb. box of Milk Bones, an empty Copenhagen can, a cardboard drink carrier, and a pack of gum in ONE DAY. She shit her metaphorical pants for 3 days. I think the book, “What’s Your Poo Telling You” would’ve called that a “Number 3” or “Ring of Fire.” (By the way, if you don’t own that book, buy it. You’ll thank me later.) That whole experience definitely taught my parents the art of “dog proofing your car”…especially after she shit IN their car. Awesome. A car floor mat, 3 rolls of paper towels, 1 bottle of carpet cleaner, two hotel rooms and two pet deposits later, we made it home. Shittiest trip ever, literally. *gag*

See, folks? The whole granola bar event is pretty spectacular. Although, if it would’ve been a corn dog covered in cat shit, it would’ve been gone. Ehh, can’t have it all. So in the meantime, I will bask in my glory and own that small victory. Cheers.



2 thoughts on “Good dog.

  1. amy b.s. says:

    kelso is not quite as awesome as finner, but this fall he did manage to somehow open adam’s closed hunting pack that was on a shelf far above his normal height and eat the following: 3 cliff bars, 2 nature valley bars, 4 mini kit kats, a gallon ziplock bag of trail mix (although i’m pretty sure it wasn’t completely full), 5 pieces of beef jerky, a small bag of dried fruit and a freeze dried lasagna camp meal. it was glorious.

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