Cheese and Rice.


Image Courtesy of Google Images

(Patience, people. I will actually start posting photos I’ve taken once I get there.)

Hooooollllly, Sitka. Literally. The venture up north nears closer and closer. How is it almost December? Seriously. What. The. Fuck. (Sorry, Mom. But seriously, c’mon. It’s necessary right now.)

1. In roughly a month, I will be an Alaskan….(Montanan/Asian/American/Irish-by-Osmosis/Ninja Badass) resident.

2. In less than a month, I will most likely be unemployed. Unless there’s a hail mary pass into the end-zone — TOUCHDOWN, job security. (Fingers crossed.)

3. In 2 months, I hope to have visitors. Yes, that means you, friends & family.

4. Upon arrival, I intend to continue my addiction to Pure Barre and “attempt” to become a runner. (We’ll see how long the “running” lasts.)

Talk about countdowns.

In regards to #1: I’m getting more used to the idea of our new adventure and I’m “okay” with it. For now…

In regards to #2 (all poo aside): I will figure something out. Or hey, I could work for my husband. (What a laugh.) I always told him, “professional and personal need to be separate.”

Here’s an example if we worked together:

C: “Will you make 40 copies, collated and stapled?”

A: “F*@# no. You have two arms. Do it yourself.”

Case in point, professional and personal NEED to be separate.

In regards to #3: This is, hands down, the first project we’ve been on where we’ve had SO many people say they want to come visit. I guess Sitka is much more appealing than Madras, OR and Ellensburg, WA. No surprise there.

In regards to #4: Today, I received the full set of the Pure Barre “at home” DVD’s, ball, weighted ball, fitness ring, band, mat, and barre. Early Christmas to myself. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-ka-ching. I’m totally serious about becoming a runner.


(Again, Google Images.)

This is totally me. I plan on rocking the shit out of my rain parka.


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